Sean Philpott-Jones

Mass Shootings, Mental Illness, and Gun Control

March 29, 2018
Program Director and Professor of Bioethics Dr. Sean Philpott-Jones has a new Policy and Politics piece exploring mental illness, gun control and mass shootings in the latest issue of the Hastings Center Report. Check it out here:
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Toxic Turf

February 25, 2016
As compared with a natural grass field (with all of its inherent unevenness, divots, rocks and gopher holes), an artificial turf field greatly reduces the number of sports-related injuries.
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Shutting Down the Pill Mills

February 12, 2016
Last Friday, for the first time ever, a physician was convicted of second-degree murder for recklessly prescribing pain-killing drugs to patients.
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The Growing Perils of Pauline’s Pregnancy

January 28, 2016
It’s not easy to be a mother these days. Despite all of the advances in gender equality, the rearing of children still remains by default “women’s work.”
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Penning a Solution to the War on Drugs

January 14, 2016
America has a serious drug problem, but it is clear after over four decades that our current approach has failed.
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Tempering Sheen's Shame

December 18, 2015
Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV positive; public reaction was swift & mixed.
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Recording Available: The Role of Controversy in Shaping Research Ethics

February 17, 2015
A recording of the webinar, "Gonorrhea, Guatemala and Gung-Ho Researchers: The Role of Controversy in Shaping Research Ethics Practice and Policy" is now available.
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