Master of Science in Bioethics: Clinical Ethics

The Clinical Ethics Specialization within the Master of Science in Bioethics program provides individuals with the skills, credentials, and specialized expertise demanded of bioethics professionals. It prepares graduates to face increasingly complex bioethics issues—and to respond professionally, competently, and compassionately.
"The degree set me apart as someone who understood a complicated and often misunderstood component of healthcare delivery."
Dr. Aaron Edelstein ’07

Overview of MSB: Clinical Course Requirements

Proseminar in Health and Human Values (One week in July)

This introductory one-week intensive seminar is taught by bioethics scholars from across the United States. The proseminar introduces students to the field, acquaints them with the online learning platform, and affords them the opportunity to meet their professors and fellow students in person.

Core Courses

Students take four required courses, which reflect the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) core competencies:
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Clinical Ethics
  • Bioethics and the Law

Elective Courses

Two elective courses are required. Options include courses in empirical research methods, research ethics or reproductive ethics.

Online and On-site Practica

Practica provide invaluable opportunities for students to put theory into practice. The online practicum is taught workshop-style and emphasizes case studies and exercises that develop core competencies in clinical ethics. The weeklong, on-site practicum at Mount Sinai Medical Center provides intensive, hands-on experience in the context of a major medical center.

Three-Term Master's Project

Students complete a project, paper, or initiative to investigate a specific area of bioethics or to recommend or implement changes in policy or practice.

Capstone Seminar

During this one-week, on-site seminar, students demonstrate their mastery of bioethics and clinical ethics consultation.

Sample Schedules

MSB in CE 3 Years
MSB in CE 2 Years
MSB in CE 1 Year (Full Time)

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