Master of Science in Bioethics

Jointly offered by Clarkson and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the Bioethics Program provides competency-based and skills-based education in clinical ethics, research ethics and bioethics policy.
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The multidisciplinary Master of Science in Bioethics program is designed to enhance the career and educational opportunities of those interested in topics such as end-of-life care and physician aid-in-dying, animal and human subjects research, or public health and policy issues like obesity and smoking.

The MS in Bioethics is offered jointly by the Center for Bioethics and Clinical Leadership of Clarkson and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Students choose from three specializations:
The MSB program uses a proven distance-learning model, designed to meet the needs of working professionals who have few opportunities to enroll in on-site courses.

Students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are MDs, JDs, RNs and PhDs currently working in healthcare, research and policy. Others are post-Baccalaureate students who want to expand their understanding of bioethics and improve their prospects for admission to professional degree programs.

Student diversity is one of the strengths of the Program. The variety of perspectives and experiences each student brings makes the learning experience more meaningful and provides better preparation for the ethical challenges that working professionals face.

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