Masters in Bioethics & PhD in Philosophy Dual Degree

Earn a doctorate in philosophy and master’s in bioethics through an innovative dual degree program at the University at Albany, SUNY and the Bioethics Program of Clarkson – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.
"The faculty of the Bioethics Program is world class. You get to learn from people — like Bob Veatch, Bob Baker and Rosamond Rhodes — who literally wrote the book on the topic, and grew up when bioethics grew up. At the pro-seminar, I engaged with these giants who helped to create the field."
Dr. Patty Mayer, ‘09
Bioethics Fellow, Cleveland Clinic
The doctorate in philosophy and master’s in bioethics dual degree program offers students a unique opportunity to earn a graduate degree in philosophy with a specialization in bioethics.

Through a combination of online and on-site courses, students complete a doctorate in philosophy with a nine-course curriculum in bioethics. Students have the opportunity to take courses from leading bioethicists and to study clinical ethics and research ethics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, which is located in a world-renowned medical center in New York City.


The bioethics section of the program starts with an intensive, one-week summer proseminar on Health and Human Values taught at Clarkson, with a clinical visit to the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. After completing this seminar, dual-degree students take three core courses online (health policy, bioethics and clinical ethics), a required online practicum, a three-term master's project, a one-week, on-site clinical ethics practicum at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and one-week on-site capstone seminar at Clarkson's Capital Region Campus.

The philosophy section of the program is taught at the University at Albany. The department's faculty includes Bonnie Steinbock, a world-renowned bioethicist, who specializes in ethical issues in reproduction and genetics and several other experts with an interest in bioethics.

In the MS/PhD in Bioethics and Philosophy program, Clarkson-Mount Sinai recognizes three course requirements offered as part of the Philosophy program at the University at Albany as applying towards the MS in Bioethics degree (10 semester credit hours). Both schools recognize the student’s thesis as fulfilling both the two-term master’s project for the MS as the doctoral dissertation for the PhD.

In their coursework at the University at Albany, students in the dual degree program must specialize in the Values and Society Track and would fulfill all the other requirements of the Philosophy PhD. However, Albany recognizes the 8 credits permitted in a cognate field as being fulfilled in the Clarkson-Mount Sinai Bioethics Program. No special permission from the Albany Philosophy Department's Graduate Studies Committee would be needed for students admitted to the dual degree program. Instead, three courses offered by the Bioethics Program will be recognized as credits in an area of specialization outside of Philosophy, and counted as 8 credits towards the philosophy doctorate at the University at Albany.

To help applicants visualize what is involved in earning dual degrees in bioethics and philosophy, a sample program is available below:


Admission Requirements:

To enroll in the dual degree program, students must be accepted through the admissions process of each program and matriculate in both programs.

More Information:

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