Graduate Certificates in Bioethics

The Bioethics Program offers a graduate Certificate with the option of specializing in one of three areas: Health Policy & Law, Clinical Ethics or Research Ethics. The Certificate program introduces students to bioethics theory, as well as the application of theory.
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The Bioethics Program Certificate Program was designed to respond to a need for bioethics training, as reported by hospital administrators, hospital ethics committees, research administrators and others who wanted advanced training in bioethics without undertaking a full master’s program.

All certificates offered by the Bioethics Program require the completion of four courses.

Specialization in Health Policy & Law

The specialization in Health Policy & Law can be completed in one year, completely online.

Required courses:
  • BIE 510 Biomedical Ethics (Fall)
  • BIE 520 Healthcare Policy (Winter)
  • BIE 530 Bioethics and the Law (Spring)
  • One elective, chosen from the following list:
    • BIE 545 Reproductive Ethics (Summer)
    • BIE 555 Research Ethics (Fall)
    • BIE 565 Empirical Research Methods (Fall)
    • BIE 500 Proseminar in Health & Human Values (Eight days, on-site, summer)
    • BIE 590 Clinical Ethics (Fall)
    • BIE 535 Medicine and Social Justice (Fall)
Additional electives may be offered.

Specialization in Clinical Ethics

The certificate in clinical ethics is designed around the Core Competencies in Clinical Ethics Consultation recommended by the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH). The program can be completed within 10 months. (Sept – June)

The certificate requires four courses.
  • BIE 590 Clinical Ethics (Fall)
  • BIE 610C Online Practicum in Clinical Ethics (Winter)
  • BIE 530 Bioethics and the Law (Spring)
  • BIE 620C On-site Practicum in Clinical Ethics (first week of June), at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City)

Specialization in Research Ethics

The specialization in Research Ethics was adopted from the curriculum of the Bioethics Program’s National Institutes of Health/Fogarty Center grant to train research ethicists in Central and Eastern Europe. It can be completed in one year.

The certificate requires four courses — three online and one on-site:
  • BIE 555 Research Ethics I (Fall)
  • BIE 580 Research Ethics II (Winter)
  • BIE 510R Online Practicum in Research Ethics (Spring)
  • BIE 620R On-Site Practicum in Research Ethics (One week, on-site, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City)
Note: Students unfamiliar with the design of empirical clinical research may be required to audit or enroll in BIE 565 Empirical Research Methods (Fall).

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