Graduate Bioethics Academics

Jointly offered by Clarkson and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the Bioethics Program provides competency-based and skills-based education in clinical ethics, research ethics and bioethics policy.
"I can honestly say that I would not be at Harvard, or have the opportunities to do such fascinating research, if it were not for the education and mentorship provided to me by the Bioethics Program. The faculty fostered an excellent educational environment for me to learn about the fundamentals of bioethics."
Susannah Rose
PhD Ethics Concentration, Harvard University’s Health Policy Program

Fellow, Harvard University’s Safra Center for Ethics

Fellow, National Cancer Insititute
The program uses a hybrid approach to teach bioethics. Students take a mixture of online and on-site courses, which include the use of case studies, supervised exercises and innovative, real-world simulations.

The Bioethics Program offers a Master of Science in Bioethics , with specializations in clinical ethics, research ethics and bioethics policy. Graduate certificates in clinical ethics, research ethics and health policy and law are also available.

Dual degree options are also available in law, philosophy, public health and social work – shortening the time and lessening the investment of earning two degrees.

Our Approach

The majority of the Program’s courses are online. They are taught using the latest in web-based technologies, offering students the flexibility to take courses while meeting personal and professional obligations.

The Program’s one-week, on-site courses provide students with hands-on training in the skills and competencies required of professional bioethicists.


Courses are taught by internationally renowned faculty , including some of the founders of the field of bioethics.

They come from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, law, philosophy, public health, public policy and theology.

Faculty draw on their experiences working in the clinic, the laboratory and in government to help students learn the knowledge and skills needed of working bioethicists.

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