Sean Philpott-Jones, PhD, MSB

Director and Associate Professor of
Bioethics, The Bioethics Program and

Director of Research Ethics for
The Bioethics Program

A public health researcher and ethicist by training, Dr. Sean Philpott holds advanced degrees in microbiology, medical anthropology, and bioethics. He is currently Director of the Bioethics Program at Clarkson University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, where he develops and teaches courses in research ethics and also coordinates Clarkson's Fogarty-funded Advanced Certificate Program in Research Ethics for Central and Eastern Europe and Caribbean Research Ethics Education Initiative. In addition, he is currently Chair of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Human Studies Review Board, an advisory panel that reviews the scientific and ethical aspects of research involving human participants submitted to the EPA for regulatory purposes.
Before joining Clarkson University he was Science and Ethics Officer for the Global Campaign for Microbicides (GCM), an advocacy project at an international non-profit organization called PATH, where his work focused on building the capacity of developing country researchers and stakeholders to design, conduct and monitor clinical trials of new user-controlled tools to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. He also was previously Associate Professor of Medicine at Albany Medical College and Adjunct Professor at the University at Albany School of Public Health, Deputy Director of the Alden March Bioethics Institute (AMBI), Executive Editor of the American Journal of Bioethics and a long-term member of the New York State Department of Health Institutional Review Board.

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Recent Publications

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Recent Activities

 “Research ethics in the post-Soviet Era”. SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY. January 2011.

“Gonorrhea, Guatemala and gung-ho researchers: How scandal affects bioethics policy and practice”. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY. December 2010.

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“Recruitment in economically underdeveloped countries”. Issues in Medical Ethics 2010, New York, NY. October 2010.

“Ethical frameworks and standards of prevention in HIV prevention trials”. HIV Vaccine Conference, Atlanta, GA. October 2010.

“LGBT issues and bioethics”. 22nd Annual Bioethics Summer Retreat, Key West, FL. June 2010.

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