Rosamond Rhodes, PhD

Associate Program Director & Professor of Bioethics,
The Bioethics Program and

Professor of Medical Education,
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Physician-patient relationship
Organ transplantation
Research ethics
Surrogate decision making
End-of-life decisions

ROSAMOND RHODES, Ph.D., is Professor of Medical Education and Director of Bioethics Education at Mount Sinai School of Medicine where she oversees the medical ethics curriculum for students in all four years of medical school, for house staff in eleven residency programs, for graduate post-doctoral fellows in the biomedical sciences, and for students in the genetics counseling program. She directs a program of faculty medical ethics education and collaborates with faculty members on a variety of research projects. Dr. Rhodes serves as a member of Mount Sinai's Ethics Committee and IACUC. Dr. Rhodes is also Professor of Philosophy at The Graduate Center, CUNY.

Beyond the teaching setting, Dr. Rhodes serves as co-editor of the American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine and on the editorial boards of the international journals Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Bioethics, and Clinical Ethics. She has published over 125 articles and chapters on a broad range of issues in bioethics including: professionalism, justice, the doctor-patient relationship, decisional capacity, surrogate decision making, research ethics, physician-assisted suicide, genetics, cloning, abortion, assisted reproduction, organ transplantation, psychiatry, and bioethics education. She also writes on issues in the history of moral and political philosophy.

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Recent Publications


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Original Peer reviewed Journal Articles:

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